Grid Motorsport takes New TCR Chinese Cup in New Ningbo International Speedway, with wet race win in class.

October 17, 2017

Grid Motorsport takes New TCR Chinese Cup in New Ningbo International Speedway, with wet race win in class.

Grid Motorsport takes the challenge in New TCR spec Chinese Cup kicks off the season in New Ningbo International Speedway, with wet race win in class.

26 new Senova D50 TCR spec race cars debut in the brand new 4.01km long Ningbo circuit FIA Grade 2 standards, the week started in clear and changing weather with dry testing, practice and qualifying.  

Qualifying session saw Denise Yeung adapting to the new Senova D50 race car very quickly and making great progress with learning the new track, she proved herself by qualifying overall P4 on her 3rd flying lap, while Thomas Leung progress was interrupted by red flag 10 mins into the qualifying session, then fuel issue. Race 1 starting grid saw Thomas bumped to forward with your votes in the voting system and Denise starting in P4 and P5 respectively.

Race 1 on Saturday, we were greeted with a full wet track for the opening race, adaptations to the setup and the new track with water saturated tarmac made the challenge even more exciting. Both drivers lost ground at the start as slippery track made hard work for working back up the order, both driver fought very hard to re-secure P10 for Denise and P13 for Thomas.

Race 2 on Sunday, with the rain falling even harder, it was a question of survival and making light work for the difficult conditions. Denise and Thomas found new confidence in the track and weather condition and were up to P5 and P6 up to lap 7 in the race out of 10 laps. The duo had some dicey moments during the race but respected each other. Lap 7 saw Ken Look being hit heavily in the back going into the penultimate corner with the race still 3 laps to go both cars were stranded in the middle of the track, which called for a red flag, in turn finished the race due to schedule restrictions. That crowded Thomas Leung the win in Class B for his maiden race.

After the first 2 rounds in Ningbo International Speedway, Grid Motorsport is now in P3 for the overall teams championship, it is building to be an exciting season with the next race going to Macau Grand Prix on 16-19 November!!

Thomas Leung wins in wet Ningbo track in class

Denise Yeung qualified overall P4

Wet race in New Ningbo International Speedway

廣州 Grid Motorsport 華夏杯迎接新挑戰,賽季在新寧波國際賽道上脫穎而出。

26台新紳寶D50 TCR規格賽車在全新4.01公里長FIA 2級標準的寧波賽道上亮相。

排位賽中,美女車手楊嘉怡非常快速適應新賽車,並在學習新賽道方面取得了很大的進步,她在第三時間圈已經跑出全場第四排名證明了自己的實力,而梁展鵬的進度被紅旗打斷了,然後一些機件問題令他不能再把成績提升。第1場比賽, 梁展鵬以投票系統 排在全場第四位和楊嘉怡在第五位發車。

在星期六的比賽中, 雨神終於來了,濕潤的賽道挑戰各車隊和車手的適應能力和設定的經驗。濕滑的賽道令兩車手一開始就 起步失利, 做出了努力工作的備份訂單,他們都非常努力, 奮勇向前,追回 10位和第13位。

星期天的第二場比賽, 雨勢更加嚴峻, 賽到的情況 非常不樂觀,但是 車手的奮鬥心完全沒有動搖。楊嘉怡 梁展鵬 在賽道和天氣狀況方面重拾新信心,並在比賽第六圈追到上P5P6。第七圈有兩輛車 發生嚴重意外 都被困在賽道的中間,紅旗 出起,由於時間 限制 這場比賽提前完成。梁展鵬在B組中奪冠。


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