New Accessories for Video VBox HD2 just arrived!!

July 19, 2017

New Accessories for Video VBox HD2 just arrived!!

With the latest development on expanding the use of the Video VBox HD2 capabilities, joining the family are the: -
- Bluetooth VBox OBD Link
- Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor
- Cooling Fan for Harsh Temperature/Endurance Races

OBD As most cars manufactured after 2000' will have the industrial standard OBD II plug in the car, extra information like; RPM, Throttle, Water Temperature and 8 more parameters could be available from a hand OBD plug into the car. Easy installation, compact size, out of hindsight this will prove to be a great tool for gauging the performance in more details.

Heart rate monitor worn by the driver (or even the passenger) can see the elevation of their heart rate, and see whether they are max'ed out or keeping a coll head.

Cooling fan, an easy plug and play application highly recommend for high temperatures and harsh environment, in the extreme heat (especially Asia Pacific).
Check out the video on how this can be used with the Performance Test function from Video VBox HD2.

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