AIM Sensor Car/bike linear suspension potentiometer 13

AiM loggers can measure the displacement between two points using a sensor (linear potentiometer) directly connected to the points of measure. This potentiometer can measure linear displacements like:

  •   dampers compression or extension

  •   steering rotation measured through the rack displacement

When installing the sensor:

  •   be very careful avoiding possible bending of the internal cylinder; these bendings, occurring when over tightening the screws or in case of incorrect mounting, can seriously damage the sensor

  •   extract the internal cylinder for about 5 mm (0.2 inches) from the sensor lower boundary position. Please note: do not use this sensor to measure distances beyond the potentiometer maximum travel. The car/bike linear potentiometer can be connected to any analog channel of AiM loggers.

The drawing below shows sensors dimensions in millimetres [inches].

Car/Bike linear potentiometer technical characteristics are:

  •   Maximum supply voltage: 40 Vdc

  •   Resolution: essentially infinite

  •   Repeatability: 0.01 mm

  •   Operational speed: 10 m/s max

  •   Mechanical life: >25 millions cycles

  •   Temperature range: from -40° to +125°

  •   Environmental sealing: IP65

  •   Independent linearity: ±0.5%

  •   Cable type: Raychem 55A 24 AWG

  •   Cable length: 450 mm

  •   Housing: Aluminium

  •   Spherical bearing: Ø5 mm

More info refer to Datasheet


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